Watch: ‘Angela Merkel’ appears in online lesbian embrace

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

The ‘Chancellor’ has appeared in an advertisement promoting a new magazine aimed at gay women across Germany – in which she gives another woman a kiss.

In the advertisement for the new LGBT magazine, Straight, viewers see a figure who looks remarkably like German Chancellor Angela Merkel, seemingly pondering recent events regarding LGBT rights.

‘Merkel’ submits a sombre stare out of her office window, a radio transmission in the background reports that 62 per cent of the German population are in favour of same-sex marriage – at this news, she simply shakes her head.

But then, a woman in a white dress approaches the Chancellor from behind and pulls her into a loving embrace – before Merkel reciprocates with a kiss.

Although the use of a Merkel lookalike has caused quite the stir across Germany, the editors of Straight claim it was not their aim to be overly confrontational.

They say they simply wanted to make their message clear to the German government – equality laws for homosexuals are outdated and “even Angela Merkel herself knows that.”

They argue that their aim is to combine sections on fashion and beauty with more serious topics, such as same-sex marriage and stigmatisation of women in the workplace.

The ad was launched during a pretty despicable week for Chancellor, who in just seven days has managed to staunchly oppose both same-sex marriage and vulnerable young immigrants becoming a permanent fixture in Germany.

“For me, personally, marriage is a man and a woman living together,” the twice married politician said last week during a YouTube interview.

“That is my concept, but I support civil partnerships.”

Germany allows same-sex couples to enter into registered life partnerships that provide some of the benefits of marriage – but the Chancellor’s CDU/CSU coalition has flatly refused to introduce same-sex marriage, despite numerous calls to update the laws from LGBT activists, opposition leaders and the German people.

Watch the full video below.