Shocking video shows ISIS militants throw ‘gay’ men off a building

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Yet another video has been released by ISIS showing the brutal execution of two men accused of being gay. Beware – some of the images below show violence, and may be disturbing to some.

The latest video from ISIS, shot in Palmyra, shows two Syrian men be thrown off a building before being stoned to death.


According to local journalist Zaid Benjamin, the men were accused of “having a homosexual affair”.

Images shared on social media showed the two men being led to the top of the three-storey building as their judgement was read out by an ISIS member.

Some of the images were too graphic to show on PinkNews.

As with other videos released by the terrorist group, a large crowd of local residents gathered around to see the incident.

Please note the below image is extremely graphic.


The terrorist group, which operates predominantly across Syria and Iraq, is notorious for filming videos in which captives – usually Westerners or opposing fighters – are brutally slaughtered.

It has also taken to executing men it claims are gay, by throwing them off of tall buildings and pelting them with rocks in IS-produced videos.

Members of the terrorist group, which has published a number of graphic videos featuring the murder of supposed gay men, holds power across parts of Iraq, Syria and Libya.

ISIS militants recently threatened to throw homosexuals off the Leaning Tower of “Pizza”.

Members of ISIS took to Twitter to warn that they were coming to “Rome” to “use your leaning tower of pizza to throw off homosexuals”.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa – which is not spelled Pizza – is actually located in the town of Pisa, nearly 200 miles from Rome.