Lafayette shooter admired ‘God Hates Fags’ church

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A gunman who shot 11 people and killed two people was a far-right activist who admired Hitler an the Westboro Baptist Church.

John Houser, 59, started shooting at innocent people in a theatre in Lafayette, Louisiana on Thursday – killing two and injuring nine others, before turning his gun on himself.

Comedian Amy Schumer’s film Trainwreck was playing in the theatre at the time of the killings.

Lafayette shooter admired ‘God Hates Fags’ church

A series of online records shows Houser was a far-right sympathiser, who frequently expressed his admiration for Adolf Hitler, as well as the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church.

Tweeting about the extremist anti-gay hate group in 2013, he had written: “The Westboro Baptist Church may be the last real church in America[members not brainwashed].”

Meanwhile, commenting on a blog post in January this year, he wrote:”Hitler is loved for the results of his pragmatism. There is no question of his being the most successful that ever lived. At this time the US is no more than a financially failing filth farm. Soon the phrase ruling with an iron hand’ will be palatable anew.”

Rather than condemn the shooter, disturbingly the Westboro Baptist Church appeared to claim he was sent by God to punish America for “fag marriage”.

The anti-gay group tweeted: “No, #Lafayette shooter was not part of Westboro Baptist Church. Our 25 years on your streets prove we use only words.”
Lafayette shooter admired ‘God Hates Fags’ church
Lafayette shooter admired ‘God Hates Fags’ church

However, it added: “God has cursed this nation. You insisted on endless proud sin, and crossed the line with same sex marriage”, adding: “2 more dead for SSM-enabling sins of flag-thumping proud sinning divorce-remarrying phony southern baptists!”

Police are investigating Houser’s history of online posts, but are yet to confirm a motive for the crime.

Houser was known to police, as 2008 court records show his wife asked for a temporary protective order due to his “extreme erratic behavior” and “disturbing statements”.