Chaser Paul Sinha challenges Tom Hardy and reveals which co-star he’d like to snog

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The Chase star Paul Sinha has opened up about being on the show, which Chaser he would snog, and which celebrities take his fancy.

Sinha, who is a former doctor and a stand-up comic, was asked in an interview with Metro which celebrity he would like to come up against in celebrity specials of the programme.

He said: “Paul: Joe Root, Zac Efron, Tom Hardy, Luke Campbell. All for exactly the same reason.”

On whether he could give any behind the scenes secrets, Sinha said: “The New Zealand rugby union team have their haka. We have our own war dance. Naturally I choreographed it, and it is ‘West Side Story’ meets ‘University Challenge’. At the beginning of every day’s recording, we perform it with gusto. It is the most joyous 28 minutes of the working day.”

Asked to play snog, marry avoid, with the other Chasers, Sinha said: “Snog – Shaun. It is self explanatory.   Marry- Anne. She can make an omelette.  Avoid- Mark. I only have a small flat.”

Sinha, who is currently touring with his stand-up show, wrote on his blog in 2013 on the 26th anniversary of coming out as gay to a school friend.

He wrote: “I can still feel the sheer terror of the occasion , which wasn’t helped by the fact that I was hopelessly in love with the schoolfriend to whom my revelations were aimed. He was refreshingly sympathetic. So was my next friend. And then to medical school , where each person that I came out to seemed uninterested and unsurprised.”