Ruby Rose apologises for attacking Australian PM

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The Orange Is The New Black star has apologised to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott for branding him a “bigot” over his approach to marriage equality.

In an interview with Diva magazine last year, the Justin Bieber lookalike took aim at the politician, saying, “Don’t get me started on gay rights back home! Our Prime Minister is a sexist bigot. So equality is going to take some time.”

But that was not the first time she had attacked Abbot – the actress tweeted in 2013 that Abbott was a “drunk moron”.

“You are like a drunk moron who spills out of a pub and spews on the ground,” she added.

“You are that spew. That spew is you.”

However, when quizzed on the subject again recently, Rose told of her regrets at attacking the Australian leader and apologised making personal attacks, according to Star magazine.

“Going head-to-head with the Prime Minister of my country a few years ago,” she said.

“I didn’t mean to do it and I woke up and it was all over the news and it was like a very big deal – it was all over the papers.

“I’m sorry. It was about gay rights but it didn’t need to get that big.”

The star sparked another online backlash last week, after posing for a photo with controversial boxer Floyd Mayweather.

The genderfluid actress uploaded a photo to Instagram this week with the star, writing: “the champ!”

Fans were quick to slam the actress for posing with Mayweather – citing his convictions for domestic violence and misdemeanour battery.

He was also caught on tape in 2010 referring to Manny Pacquiao as a “faggot” several times – but later apologised for the comments.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is reportedly plotting to kick the issue of same-sex marriage into the long grass – by planning for a public ballot taking place after the next election.

Two bills are set to come before the Australian Parliament next month on the issue, and after the opposition Labor party cemented plans to allow its MPs a free vote, Mr Abbott’s Coalition is facing a strain to do the same.

However, according to some reports the PM Tony Abbott – who is a strong opponent of same-sex marriage – is mulling the idea of a plebiscite (referendum) on the issue instead.