Republicans to press ahead with anti-gay resolutions

The Republican party is to press ahead with a number of anti-gay resolutions at its summer meeting – even though same-sex marriage is now law.

The GOP has been a strong opponent of LGBT rights legislation and same-sex marriage, and some factions of the party continue their opposition even though the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right.

A proposed Democrat-sponsored Equality Act is yet to pick up a single Republican supporter – and the Republican National Committee is set to vote on a number of anti-LGBT resolutions at its meeting next week.

Michigan lawmaker Dave Agema has submitted a resolution which would require any schools “teaching the homosexual lifestyle in their sexual education class” to forcibly include “the harmful physical aspects of the lifestyle”.

According to the Washington Blade, a second resolution introduced by Louisiana RNC member Ross Little would condemn the Supreme Court action – and calls for the Republican-controlled congress to act against it.

It calls for marriage to be restricted to between one man and one woman, as “in the Bible”, calling on Republicans to pass laws stripping the Supreme Court’s power on the issue.

Democratic National Council spokesperson TJ Helmstetter told PinkNews in a statement: “Even though marriage equality is now the law of the land, Republicans are still pursuing the same divisive and outdated anti-gay, anti-equality agenda.

“Move on, GOP, embrace the times.”