Can you guess why the Daily Mail is annoyed about this rainbow police car?

PinkNews logo on pink background with rainbow corners.

The Daily Mail appeared to get a little hot under the collar about the cost of applying a rainbow decal to a police car ahead of a Pride event.

Sussex Police unveiled a patrol car and a motorbike, both which had been emblazoned with rainbow decals ahead of Saturday’s Brighton Pride parade.

While the Mail’s coverage was mainly positive, pointing out the number of revellers expected at the Pride event, it seemed to get a bit annoyed about the price.

The report repeatedly referred to the “hundreds of pounds” spent by the force, including the first line of the article.

It went on: “The stickers, which cost 225 and were done by Bluelite Graphics Ltd in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, will be removed after the celebrations.”

Of course, the paper’s commenters also had a field day about the cost of applying the rainbow graphics to the vehicles.

One said: “How much did that cost the tax payer ¿. Pathetic PC UK.”

Another wrote: “Idiocy causing waste of public money of which there is precious little!”

Responding to a comment from one user demanding accountability from the force, a user named JW saracastically said: “Yeah thats exactly right i think we should all go out and demand our 0.00001p back immediately!!”

It’s fair to say his comment did not go down well.

In its original incarnation, the article labelled the design as “garish.”

Sussex Police made an announcement before the parade, encouraging festival goers to get involved: “We’re all ready for the 25th Brighton Pride celebrations!

“We’ll be in the parade, as well as having a stall in the park. Please do give us a wave and come and say hi.

“You’ll be able to have your photo taken with our motorbike, take part in a police line-up and pick up various goodies and advice.”