These cute portraits highlight the positivity of coming out

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A new photography project is highlighting the journey that LGBT people face before and after coming out.

#Outcome depicts a variety of LGBT people from all walks of life.

The participants each hold a photograph of themselves as a child in the images “to help illustrate their journey from the child they were to the adult they’ve become,” says Tom Dingley, the photographer behind #Outcome.

“There’s a rich and varied life out there for LGBT people, they just have to make their own way in the world like everyone else!

“#Outcome is a great way of showing that there’s a myriad of opportunities out there for everyone – so dare to dream big!”

See the full collection of #Outcome portraits here.


Martin Cremin, Team GB & Scotland swimmer


Davina Sparkle, Brighton drag queen


Terrible Lady Gay, Journalist


Sanjay Sood-Smith, Public speaker and former candidate on ‘The Apprentice’


Anna McNay, Arts editor for DIVA magazine


Ross Williams, Dancer


Veronica Fearon, Author

If you would like to take part in #Outcome, get in touch with Tom here.