Can you guess who this anti-gay group backs for Labour leader?

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An anti-gay Christian group has urged voters to support two candidates for Labour leader.

Four candidates are currently running to replace Ed Miliband as Labour leader – Andy Burnham, Jeremy Corbyn, Liz Kendall and Yvette Cooper.

As all four are in favour of LGBT equality, anti-LGBT group Christian Voice has been struggling to endorse a candidate – but has settled on two choices.

In a YouTube video, homophobic campaigner Stephen Green lamented: “If you’re a Labour party member and a Christian, what could you be looking out for?

“On the biggest moral issues of our day, there isn’t much between the candidates.

“All four are pro-abortion, and all four voted for homosexuals to get gay married, but don’t expect anyone in the Labour Party to be pro-life and anti-Sodomy to become a Labour MP in the first place.”

“I know, and you know that encouraging… those who are born into promiscuity and homosexuality isn’t socialist, but it’s been fashionable for years on people on the left.”

Evaluating Liz Kendall and Yvette Cooper, he conceded:  “The records of Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall have few redeeming features.”

However, he added that both Mr Corbyn and Mr Burnham had merits.

He observed: “Back in 2002, only Mr Burnham… was not inclined to allow homosexuals to adopt children. In 2008, he alone said that IVF treatment, a child has a need for a father and a mother.”

His comments come despite the fact Mr Burnham was actually on paternity leave at the time of the adoption vote, and despite him telling PinkNews “the law as it stands is right” on IVF.

However, he adds: “On some other important matters, Mr Corbyn starts to edge ahead. On Freedom of Speech, Mr Corbyn opposed a religious hatred clause in 2001, and voted against his own government’s Racial and Religious Hatred bill in 2005.”

He continues: “Mr Corbyn was the only one of the four to vote in favour of a referendum on that corrupt, bureaucratic, wasteful, oligarchic, totalitarian expression of antichrist we know as the European Union.”