Former student kicked out of gay club ‘for complaining about Blurred Lines’

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A former student has claimed she was removed from a gay club in Leeds – after complaining that Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines was playing.

Former student Georgia Greenfield made the allegations after being ejected from Queen’s Court – one of the city’s central gay venues.

The song ‘Blurred Lines’ has attracted controversy in the past due to its lyrics and subject matter, and has faced being banned entirely from a number of student venues after people complained it “promotes rape culture”.

When a DJ at Queen’s Court decided to play the song, Greenfield  challenged him with a note saying: “‘I know you want it’ are the exact words my rapist said to me before he raped me. I don’t want to hear this.”

However, she claims the DJ branded her a “silly b**ch” – before telling her to “f**k off somewhere else” and having her ejected from the club.

According to the Tab, she said: “I just stood there completely shocked and was like did that just happen?

“I was in disbelief that I was being thrown out of a club for telling the DJ I was raped.”

A spokesperson for the club said that “an investigation is under way” following the incident.

However, Greenfield wants the song banned from being played “because it triggers so many women and people assigned female who go there”, adding: “At least it should be announced before it’s played from now on, so at least people can leave.”