Condom ad explains why to ‘never leave your back door unprotected’…

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A new online video explores the perils of leaving your back door unprotected.

The video in question is an advert for Stag Condoms, dubbed “The Original Gay Condom”.

The video depicts a happy couple in the midst of their morning routine. Our adorable ginger protagonist is making breakfast as his partner is leaving for work. When the family dog escapes out the back door, he runs after it.

Condom 3

While the door is left open, the house with a steady stream scantily-clad men – armed with devil horns, a kissing booth and a paddling pool.

When the homeowner returns – Husky in tow – he is shocked to find his living room turned into a makeshift bathhouse.

An onscreen caption reads: “Never leave your back door unprotected.”

Condom 2

I’m sure he has learned his lesson.

Stag Condoms are extra-lubricated using silicone lube and 5% of the company’s proceeds go towards their AIDS Walk Fund.

If you have 69 seconds to spare, watch the full ad below: