News anchor walks out over Kylie Jenner’s rabbit ‘Bruce’ (VIDEO)

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A news anchor has walked off set during a segment about Kylie Jenner’s new rabbit, saying he “can’t take any more” such stories.

John Brown, an anchor for ‘Good Day Orlando’, got up during the segment about the rabbit, which Kylie Jenner named ‘Bruce’, and walked out.

The story originated as Kylie Jenner shared a video of her new rabbit, which she presumably named after Caitlyn Jenner’s pre-transition name, on Snapchat.

He said he was “sick” of the Kardashian family, and that he was having a “good Friday” before the segment, and he didn’t want to do any more stories about the family.

Brown apparently couldn’t take any more, and didn’t want to report on the 17-year-old’s rabbit.

Watch the moment unfold below: