This politician spoke directly to gay families, and her speech was incredible

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An Australian politician has delivered a direct apology to gay families – after her political opponents blocked plans for same-sex marriage.

A number same-sex marriage bills are heading to the Australian Parliament this month – but Liberal Prime Minister Tony Abbott, a strong opponent of same-sex marriage, has banned his coalition MPs from voting in favour.

It was confirmed yesterday that Abbott’s ruling coalition voted by 66 to 33 in favour of banning coalition MPs from voting for equality – ordering them to follow party line and oppose same-sex marriage, and threatening to sack ministers who vote for equality.

Following the drama, the deputy leader of the opposition Labor Party took a moment in Parliament not to lay into Mr Abbott – but to apologise to all the families who will continue to go without legal recognition because of politicians failing.

Tanya Plibersek said: “I just want to take a moment to talk directly to gay and lesbian teenagers about the decision the Liberal and National Parties made last night.

“It made be that you feel very disappointed, and it may be that you feel very let down, and it may be that you feel you have been treated by this Parliament as second class citizens. I want to say to you today: That is not true.

“There are many people in this place who defends your rights and stand up to you.

“I want to say to the children who have two mums and two dads: your families are just fine. We are proud of you. We are determined to ensure that your mums and your dads will be able to be married, in the same way that kids you go to school with have parents who are married.

“I know it was a very disappointing decision for many of us last night, but the fight for marriage equality is not over. The fight for marriage equality will continue – not just in this Parliament, but beyond it in the broader communtity.

“We know that there are many Australians – gay, straight, whatever – who don’t support discrimination against any group in our community”.