Children help ISIS stone gay men to death

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WARNING: The content and imagery within this article is extremely disturbing.

A number of children helped pelt two men with stones, as the terrorist group known as Islamic State executed them for homosexuality.
Children help ISIS stone gay men to death
In a shocking clip released this week, two men accused of being gay were thrown off a roof in Homs, Syria.

The crowd – including children who appear to be of primary school age – then help the group pelt the bodies with stones.

The six-minute video, which is too graphic to reproduce on PinkNews, sees the men sentenced to death for ‘homosexuality’, according to a proclamation.

They are led up a building and onto a high roof, before being thrown off. As their bodies hit the ground, the waiting crowd rushes forward to pelt them with stones.
Children help ISIS stone gay men to death
Their bloodied bodies are then covered with shrouds, as blood is visible.

Though the group often claims to execute gay men, there is no way of actually verifying the sexuality of the men killed.

Children help ISIS stone gay men to death

The United Nations Security Council will this month hold its first ever meeting on LGBT rights – to tackle the issue of the terrorist group’s persecution of gay people.

US ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, told reporters on Thursday that the meeting will focus on “ISIL and its systematic targeting of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) persons who find themselves in ISIL-controlled territory.”

The meeting will be hosted by the US and Chile, and all member states interested in LGBT protections will be able to attend.