Scott Walker hires lawmaker who slashed uni budgets over ‘gay-themed’ books

Republican Presidential wannabe Scott Walker has appointed a lawmaker to his campaign who slashed university budgets because they stock ‘gay-themed’ books.

The Governor of Wisconsin is one of seventeen Republicans currently vying for his party’s nomination to run for President in 2016.

However, the Republican made a surprising move this week – when he hired lawmaker Garry Smith to help lead his campaign in South Caroline.

State Rep. Smith rose to prominence last year – when he pushed through a bill massively slashing the budgets of two universities over ‘gay-themed’ books at the institutions.

The Republican authored a bill to  cut $17,000 (£10,200) in funding from the University of South Carolina Upstate and $52,000 (£31,200) from the College of Charleston – because their libraries include lesbian author Alison Bechdel’s autobiography ‘Fun Home’, and radio textbook ‘Out Loud: The Best of Rainbow Radio’.

Smith claimed at the time that the material ‘promoted a lifestyle’ and ‘did not reflect community standards’.

South Carolina’s Senate eventually reversed the cuts – but only if it spends the money teaching about ‘American ideals’ instead.

The appointment is not entirely unfathomable – Walker claimed recently that Boy Scouts of America had “protected children” by banning gay members.

He said: “I was an Eagle Scout, my kids have been involved, Tonette (his wife) was a den mother.

“I have had a lifelong commitment to the Scouts and support the previous membership policy because it protected children and advanced Scout values.”

Despite being strongly opposed to LGBT rights and same-sex marriage, Walker has actually already attended a same-sex wedding.

He insisted previously: “Even though my position on marriage is still that its defined as between a man and a woman, and I support the constitution of the state but for someone I love, we’ve been to a reception.”

Describing the issue as “personal”, he said the wedding was of a family member.

(h/t Jezebel)