US radio host: Trans people are possessed by demons

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Notorious anti-gay activist Linda Harvey has claimed that transgender people are possessed by demons.

The founder of Mission America made the ridiculous claim in her column for right-wing conspiracy theory website WorldNetDaily.

She wrote: “What is the problem with claiming one’s authentic sex? There’s one tragic explanation for such pervasive delusion: Demonic deception may be active in the lives of these people and their advocates. Prayers are needed instead of lies.”

The activist claimed: “The next time you hear a so-called journalist or government official refer to any male like Bruce Jenner as ‘she’, please scream, then blast an email to demand that truth be told.

“Our children deserve a heritage of sane pronouns.

“If reporters aspire to a higher plane than naked propaganda, they need to stop inventing gender fables and describe objectively verifiable attributes of actual people.

“Responsible journalists don’t make up the street addresses and ages of people for news reporting. Why invent gender? This popular mythology is no more justifiable than picking new names for people, variable facts in a police investigation, or inventing witnesses to crime who don’t exist.”

Linda Harvey previously encouraged parents to cure their children of homosexuality for Christmas.

A New York pastor recently told a lesbian couple that they are “possessed” by demons on TV – and compared them to drug addicts.

When a lesbian couple questioned his hateful messages, he responded: “Those words are not hateful. Let me say this to you.

“I pray you will come to the truth, you are Demon possessed, you have a wicked mindset, you’re perverted. That’s all there is to it.