Did your hook-up info just get leaked online?

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As the data from affair website Ashley Madison continues to leak, people who have used the site to have gay affairs are worried they may be outed.

Hackers stole the data of more than 37 million customers around the world from the website, which is used by people seeking to cheat on their partner.

This week, the leaked data was published online – including emails, credit card details, transaction details and login information.

The website predominantly catered to straight affairs – but also ran a service called “Ashley Madison on the Down Low” for gay men.

It claimed: “AM on the DL caters to men who are married but need something more in their lives. Men seeking other men for casual, no strings attached fun can find each other for chat, flirting, and more.

“Not looking to change their home situation, these intelligent, discreet men know what they want and where to get it.”

The men seeking ‘discreet’ hook-ups could now be facing outed – and though the leaked data does not explicitly include identifiable info on sexuality, there are fears it could compromise people’s security.

One Reddit user chillingly claimed: “I am from Saudi Arabia, where homosexuality carries the death penalty.

“I studied in America the last several years and used Ashley Madison during that time.

“I was single, but used it because I am gay; gay sex is punishable by death in my home country so I wanted to keep my hookups extremely discreet. I only used AM to hook up with single guys.”

He adds: “I’m a Muslim from Saudi Arabia. Even if I escape the executioner, I will be effectively dead to my family if this comes out.

“I was in the US. But the billing address they have on record (which you have to submit for the CC) was in Saudi Arabia.

“If any Saudis were on there cheating on their wives they will also be executed; if my profile is leaked, it will clearly indicate 1) my name 2) my address in SA and 3) the fact that I’m interested in men.