This little boy silences homophobes with rainbow balloons

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The boy was taking part in an annual Pride parade earlier this month – and he wasn’t going to let anybody spoil the fun…

All it took to silence homophobes at the Wisconsin LGBT Pride celebrations was a brave little boy and a handful of colourful balloons.

This little boy silences homophobes with rainbow balloons

The powerful image was posted on Reddit yesterday, and shows the child blocking a Christian protest group’s anti-gay messages with a large bunch of rainbow balloons shaped like stars.

Photographer Lars Koch explained how the boy stopped the homophobes in their tracks – and eventually scared them off all together.

“This little boy had a balloon and was holding it in front of one of the signs, but it wasn’t doing much good,” he said.

“Then an adult – presumably his parent – came over and gave him a lot more to better obscure the signs.

“The bigot tried to move his sign away – but the boy was persistent and kept it blocked.”

The group tried to move the banner – which read “homosex incompatible with Christianity” alongside Bible verses – but the boy continued to walk in front of them, obscuring the sign’s message until they finally admitted defeat.

“Shortly after the man bundled up his sign and the boy moved on to the next bigot,” Lars said, describing the moving scenes.

“As this was happening the crowd was singing ‘We shall overcome’ so it was quite cinematic.

“Pretty soon the rest of the bigots were rolling up their signs and heading home.”

Luckily, the brave boy and his family are not the only people in the news for protesting homophobes this weekend – the Foo Fighters also shared their disdain for anti gay rhetoric, by ‘Rick Rolling’ the adamantly anti gay Westboro Baptist Church.