‘Big old homos’ had their Pride flag stolen by ‘fragile’ neighbourhood homophobes. Their response is a lesson in fearlessness

Gay couple share hilarious response to thugs who stole their Pride flag

A gay couple shared their incredible response to bigots who stole a Pride flag from their porch.

Since the LGBT+ Pride flag was first flown in 1978, homophobes have been quick to tear them down, spit on and singe them, and spray swastikas, “scum” and “burn in hell” on them.

So, when a Chicago, Illinois gay couple had their flag stolen from their porch, they knew they couldn’t be silent.

In a viral TikTok video, Marco Braun and his fiancé Danny Chapman became the heroes we need but well and truly do not deserve, finding the ultimate way to dunk on their unfriendly neighbourhood homophobes.

Gay couple defiantly dunk on thug who stole their Pride flag: ‘You can take our flag but you can never take our pride.’

Braun, a virtual community and tenant engagement manager, told PinkNews that their Pride flag was taken last Wednesday (12 August) afternoon while he and Chapman were indoors.

“We had some pots holding the flag down and we heard a crash,” he said. “We ran out and saw it had been taken but had a good chuckle realising the thief pulled plant pots down onto their head.”

He added: “It’s weird, as a gay man, my whole life I have been attacked or beaten down for simply just being me. I’ve grown very strong and don’t let anything bother me.

“So when I saw the flag was taken it was just another moment when someone tried to pull me down (no pun intended) but I refused to let them win. Take my flag but you can’t take my pride.”

Indeed, addressing “the person who stole the pride flag off our front porch,” the couple poked fun at the Pride flag-swiping perp whose “fragile ego” was apparently bruised by a piece of fabric.

“Don’t worry, we have next day Amazon Prime,” Braun said, showing the parade’s worth of rainbows they bought online. “You can take our flag but you can never take our pride.”

Braun then shows the new security cameras he purchased before signing off: “Love, the big old homos who live here.”

The video reunited viewers with their serotonin – last seen eight months ago – once more, with the response “truly warming” Braun’s heart, leaving him “feeling so loved”.

“We don’t hang the flag for us alone – it’s for the kids and other members of the LGBTQA+ community who feel different and need a reminder that they themselves are not alone,” he said.

“It’s a symbol of love and community and a reminder that for decades, people who were gay were murdered, discriminated against, and vilified for doing what you say – simply wanting to be.”