Andy Burnham might have kissed a Tory after all

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Labour leadership candidate Andy Burnham proudly wore a ‘Never Kissed a Tory’ t-shirt at Pride in London – but is it true?

The former Health Secretary, who is one of four candidates vying to replace Ed Miliband as leader of the Labour Party, proudly wore a shirt at Pride featuring the slogan of LGBT Labour, ‘Never Kissed a Tory’.

However, the Evening Standard wonders whether he actually had.

Though he insisted “To my knowledge, I have never set lips upon a Tory”, the paper opined that “a mole says otherwise”.

He slightly walked back the claim – adding: ” Well… I don’t vet the people I kiss.”

The contender recently posed in a t-shirt while marching at Pride with Charlie Condou, who is backing his leadership campaign.

Writing for PinkNews, Condou said: “I met Andy Burnham at London Pride. I found him at Trafalgar Square, completely surrounded – not by Party organisers and volunteers – but by members of the public.

“As the first 2010 leadership candidate to publicly call for gay marriage, I already knew he’d be a leader with a proud record of advocacy for LGBT rights.

“After meeting with him, I know he’ll be a leader with an unshakeable commitment to the rights and values of every person in the country who has been let down by the Conservative Government.

“I believe that Andy is the right person to lead both the Labour Party and the country towards true equality for all, including LGBT people.

“I spoke to him about his beliefs and left confident that he will make championing equality the core of his leadership. Andy has the right values and he offers the hope that we all need, and I’m proud to support his campaign.”