Calls made for Senegal to release men convicted of homosexual acts

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Calls have been made to release seven men arrested in July and sentenced to six months in prison for ‘homosexual acts’.

A gay rights activist Djamil Bangoura, the president of Prudence, gay rights group, on Friday said Senegal must release the men arrested in July in Dakar.

He said laws must be changed and that Senegal must not persecute people who are “different”.

In addition he alleged that the seven men were convicted without evidence.

According to the Associated Press, Bangoura said police arrested the men at one of their homes, after they were reported by one of their mothers.

He said they did not have a warrant.

Going on, Bangoura said the mother and the police officers did not attend the trial to testify.

In July, a journalist in Senegal was sentenced to six months in prison for ‘acts of homosexuality’.

Tamsir Jupiter Ndiaye – who has previously been convicted of homosexuality – was arrested in June, accused of attempted rape.

After being chased by an angry mob, the well known journalist took shelter in a Dakar police station.

In 2012, Ndiaye was sentenced to four years in prison for homosexual acts, illegal possession of arms and battery.

His sentence was reduced to two years, and he received parole in 2013.