Someone made a ‘sits next to Kim Davis’ Twitter account and it is hilarious

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

As Kim Davis sits in jail, a Twitter account by someone claiming to sit next to her is keeping everyone entertained.

Found guilty of contempt of court, Kim Davis was remanded in custody by federal marshals yesterday.

The Rowan County clerk has continually ignored court orders instructing her to stop discriminating against gay couples.

She approached the US Supreme Court last week, asking for an order allowing her to continue turning away gay couples – the court declined.

The Twitter account ‘@nexttoKimDavis’ has been live tweeting observations throughout the stubbornly homophobic clerk’s ordeal.

From complaining that she can no longer “dick around on Facebook” to suggesting Davis invokes God’s judgement to get out of refilling the photocopying machine, hilarity ensues.

Since its creation, the account has gained over 46k followers.

As at 4pm local time on Thursday,  Kim Davis remained in jail and rejected a deal to go free if she allowed her deputies to stop discriminating, it doesn’t look like the fun will stop any time soon.

Below is a selection of the best tweets from ‘@nexttoKimDavis

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