Jim Parsons trends as former roommate arrested in sexual assault

Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons has been mentioned in reports about his former roommate who was arrested following allegations of sexual assault by a high school student.

Jim Parsons’ name trended on Facebook, linked with 42-year-old friend Greg Stanley.

Stanley was arrested in College Station, Texas, after allegations of sexual assault arose from a 17-year-old.

Although Parsons named Stanley as a life-long friend in a 2010 Emmys speech, other than their friendship, he is not linked to the allegations.

Stanley, a theatre arts teacher at College Station High School, was accused of plying the student with alcohol and luring him to his home.

Later, following a recorded conversation, Stanley allegedly told the student he would be given a prominent position at at student organisation “if we could just move on.”

Unlike some states, the age of consent in Texas is 17.

Parsons has distanced himself from Stanley, a rep said: “They were friends but have not been in contact for several years.”