Police ‘investigating’ after out TV star reveals he possibly killed a homeless man

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Police have launched an investigation – after a TV star opened up about a mortifying incident in which he “fully suspects” he killed a homeless man.

This week Eggheads star CJ de Mooi opened up about the incident, which occurred while he was sleeping rough in Amsterdam.

Revealing he was approached by a knife-wielding mugger in the city, he said: “He caught me on the wrong day and I just snapped.

“This is the one incident of my life I do regret. I was in a phone box and this old guy, obviously a massive drug user, came up behind me with a knife in his hand.

“He told me to turn around, open my bag and give him whatever was inside.

“I punched him so hard in the face, knocked the knife out of his hand and threw him in the canal. I fully suspect I killed him. I’ve no idea what happened to him.

“It was the only outburst of violence I’ve ever done. That’s one of the main reasons why I absolutely abhor all violence.”

The incident was revealed in his book, ‘CJ: My Journey from the Streets to the Screen’, which was released this week.

Following his admission, the Daily Mirror reports that police in the city are now investigating the alleged incident.

The Guardian noted: “The most perplexing aspect of his story, however, is the fact that he chose to share it.”

“Beyond his own words, there is no evidence that De Mooi committed a crime in Amsterdam. If any is found, however, he could soon have not one but two regrets.”

The book also deals with his experiences growing up in “a violent, racist, homophobic household”.

He said previously: “They were very abusive – physically, verbally – and I remember several occasions where I had scalding hot coffee thrown in my face.

“I was beaten, I was attacked. I had things thrown at me that you really wouldn’t expect, including broken glass.

“I don’t refer to them as my family. They are just blood relatives. After my 17th birthday, I walked out in a thunderstorm with just the clothes on my back.”

The star recently caused controversy with claims that he was “banned” from Strictly Come Dancing because he wanted to dance with a man.

However, the BBC insisted it had not offered him a place on the series.