Olly Alexander and Clean Bandit boyfriend share onstage kiss (VIDEO)

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The pair shared a kiss in front of delighted fans during a performance at a festival this weekend.

After their bands performed back to back during last weekend’s Jersey Live festival, Years and Years’ Olly Alexander took to the crowd to cheer on his boyfriend’s hit band, Clean Bandit.

Before Clean Bandit performed their last song, Alexander shouted out, “I hear Clean Bandit have a hot violinist.”

Olly Alexander and Clean Bandit boyfriend share onstage kiss (VIDEO)

He was then helped on stage by his boyfriend, Neil Amin-Smith, before the pair shared a smooch in front of 5,000 delighted fans and closed the set together.

Amin Smith recently opened up about his relationship with the Years & Years front man, admitting the pair’s relationship is “quite intense”.

“Olly and I are romantic with each other, we have to because we don’t see each other very much so when we are reunited it’s always quite intense.”

Olly Alexander and Clean Bandit boyfriend share onstage kiss (VIDEO)

“It was Olly’s birthday recently and he was going to be in New York arriving at his hotel so I arranged for a really nice bunch of flowers to be waiting for him.”

However, those looking forward to a collaboration between the two acts should not hold their breath, as Neil went on to say: “I don’t think we will work together as Clean Bandit and Years Years.”

In July, Alexander hit out at other openly gay singers, who sing about gender-neutral love interests instead of men.

He said of his début album: “It was important for me to get some male pronouns in some of the songs, so I did it for ‘Real’ and ‘Memo’, and then one song on the deluxe.

He also discussed the track he wrote for Amin-Smith, Shine, admitting he wanted “to crawl in a hole and die” when he first played for him.

“It was really horrible because I didn’t care if anyone else liked it or not, and I know he would’ve said he liked it, but it really mattered to me whether he truly liked it or not. But he did, and I was so relieved.”

Watch a clip of the embrace below.