Out Tory Ruth Davidson defends Jeremy Corbyn from attacks on personal life

The leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, Ruth Davidson, has defended Jeremy Corbyn after controversy about his personal life.

The Times reported today on claims that new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn allegedly had a “brief fling” with Diane Abbott when the pair were younger – before this week appointing her to his cabinet, as Shadow Secretary of State for International Development.

However, Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson stepped in to defend Mr Corbyn from the personal attacks.

Responding to broadcaster Andrew Neil’s comments on the story, she said: “More importantly, who cares? As single adults, & before they were elected to Commons, surely this fails IPSO [the Independent Press Standards Organisation]’s public interest test?

“I bet there are plenty politicians worried that every partner from their 20s is now fair game for a front page splash.

“Does anyone really think DAs promotion is due to a 40 y.o. fling rather than the lifetime of friendship & shared activism since? Come on.”

The out leader joked: “I, of course, was practically a nun in my 20s…”

We wouldn’t like to speculate about Ms Davidson’s career as a nun – but she previously joked about her early years in an election debate.

Speaking after Nicola Sturgeon admitted to trying marijuana “once” during an election debate, the Tory MSP joked: “I went to Buckhaven High School, what do you think?

“I’m with Nicola – once or twice. It made me feel really sick.”

Ms Sturgeon interjected: “I said once!”