Sir Ian McKellen wants a gay pig called Ian on children’s TV

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Sir Ian McKellen says he would love there to be a gay character on Peppa Pig… called Ian.

Speaking to PinkNews earlier this month, the veteran actor weighed in after a number of leading politicians called for better representation of gay characters on children’s TV shows.

Asked whether he agreed with Norman Lamb and Yvette Cooper in wanting Peppa Pig to feature gay characters, he said: “Of course, why not!

“Peppa Pig – I’ve got the series but I haven’t actually got round to watching it yet.

He added: “When I heard that kids in primary school are being taught about homosexuality I gasped and thought aren’t they a bit young?

“Well that just shows how old fashioned I am. Kids at that age have no problem with it, at all. They just understand love.”

Asked whether the gay character could be called Ian, he replied: “I’d love that!”

He might be having second thoughts given recent news stories about pigs, however.

Labour’s Yvette Cooper said previously: “I think it’d be great fun.

“The whole point is that actually, for kids growing up – the whole point is for people to celebrating and understanding same-sex relationships because this is the rest of the world around you. This is normal life.”