This is who Grindr users want to be President

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Users of gay hook-up app Grindr users have backed a candidate to be the next US President – and it’s not Hillary Clinton.

Despite being voted Ally of the Year and top choice for President by users of the app in 2014, the Democratic former Secretary of State is no longer top dog among the app’s users.

As her lead with the public at large ebbs away, the politician has also been edged out in the app’s latest poll of 1,718 users across the US.
This is who Grindr users want to be President
Of the app’s user sample – which is larger than some actual polls – just over half identified as Democrats, 19 percent as Independents, and 15 percent Republicans.

Clinton received the backing of just 35 percent of Democratic Grindr users, pipped by Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, on 38 percent.

Sanders took the largest share of the app’s users of any candidate from any party.

Donald Trump, who was an opponent of same-sex marriage but has rapidly shifted his stance on LGBT rights in recent months, won the backing of 21 percent of Republicans on the app.

Less gay-friendly members of the Republican field trailed even further behind, with John Kasich and Jeb Bush on 7 percent, and Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina on 5 percent.

Overall, users of the app were incredibly engaged in politics, with an astonishing 76% saying they vote in both general and presidential elections.

Just 3% of users believe LGBT rights is the most important issue, however – with the economy, immigration and healthcare ranked as far more important.
This is who Grindr users want to be President
Polling on Grindr is an often-practised art form, with users of the app accurately predicting the result of the Scottish independence referendum last year.

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