Pete Buttigieg agrees with voter who shouts ‘f**k’ Donald Trump ahead of crucial New Hampshire primary

Donald Trump and Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg ripped into Donald Trump during his final rally ahead of the New Hampshire primary

Buttigieg took to the stage in New Hampshire on Monday, February 10, hours before polls opened in the crucial primary

After being introduced by actor Kevin Costner, Buttigieg began attacking his rivals on both the left (Bernie Sanders) and the right (Trump), telling crowds that the current president “thinks we’re suckers”.

“This is our chance to send a completely different message that he will hear,” he said as he skewered Trump’s second term financial plans.

As he ripped into the president’s $4.8 trillion budget proposal, an audience member shouted: “F***.”

“Well said,” Buttigieg replied to laughs.

Pete Buttigieg thinks Bernie Sanders is erasing centrists.

Turning his attention to Sanders, Buttigieg said he disagreed with the idea “that you got to either be for a revolution, or you must be for the status quo”.

“[This] paints a picture where most of us can’t see ourselves,” he said.

On the same day that Buttigieg spoke in New Hampshire, Trump held his own rally in the New England state.

He admitted on Twitter that he organised the event “to shake up the Dems a little bit”, and mocked the party for its shambolic Iowa caucuses.

New Hampshire primary will challenge Buttigieg’s early success.

Buttigieg was the surprise winner of the Iowa caucuses, with 564 votes to Sanders’ 562. After a catalogue of technical issues, both candidates have asked for a partial recanvass of the results.

The former South Bend mayor looks set to fall into second place in the New Hampshire primary, according to a CNN poll released on Monday.

Sanders led the poll with 29 per cent support, ahead of Buttigieg on 22 per cent, former vice president Joe Biden on 11 per cent and Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren on 10 per cent.

CNN notes that only about half of likely voters are certain who they are voting for, meaning that there is room for another shock result.

After New Hampshire the Democratic hopefuls will go on to Nevada, which holds its caucuses on February 22.

Here Buttigieg is expected to fall back behind Sanders and Biden, with Biden also polling ahead in South Carolina, which holds its primary on February 29.