Sue Perkins reveals six-year relationship with a man

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Sue Perkins has revealed she dated a man for more than six years, before she came out.

The Great British Bake Off host is currently in a relationship with fellow TV presenter, Secret Eaters host Anna Richardson.

However, Ms Perkins revealed in her new autobiography Spectacles that she has not always dated women – and spent six years in a relationship with a man.

She told the Telegraph that she spent six year with boyfriend Rob, after the pair met starring in a school theatre production together.

However, they broke up when Rob himself came out as gay, admitting to having slept with men while with Perkins.

She says: “I really loved him, absolutely.

“We shepherded each other through that odd stage of life where you move from your mid-teens to your early twenties.

“To be a gay woman doesn’t necessarily mean you couldn’t have truly loved a man or simply enjoy sleeping with men.
Sue Perkins reveals six-year relationship with a man
“Sometimes I think people are so absolutist and I want to pay proper respect to that relationship.”

Of her relationship with Richardosn, she says: “Anna’s just so much fun, and [when we met] I was in such a big trough.
Sue Perkins
“If you look at my CV, you can’t imagine that person who is permanently gurning over a lemon drizzle could ever feel moments of despair and sadness like everybody else but I really was in a hole.

“I think she’s just so good at allowing me to have fun, which I am extremely grateful for on a daily basis.”