Something massive could be changing about Twitter

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Twitter could soon allow users to send tweets that are more than 140 characters long.

The social network has had a hard limit on the length of messages from day one, forcing people to keep messages succinct.
Something massive could be changing about Twitter
However, after dropping the limit for private messages earlier this year, Re/Code reports that the company is set to drop it entirely.

According to sources, a new service will allow users to share messages that are longer than the company’s 140-character limit, allowing them to publish long-form content.

Many already try to circumvent the limit by posting images of text instead of sending messages.

However, as the company plans to grow its user base, it is finally rumoured to be dropping it.

It comes after the site also stepped up its actions against harassment, pledging to give users more tools and options to get help when targeted by online trolls.

Prosecutors in France in 2013 launched an official investigation into the flurry of homophobic tweets sent using the hashtags #gaysmustdie, and #letsburngays.

The French Government suggested that Twitter should be fighting against homophobic, anti-Semitic and racist tweets that potentially break its laws on hate speech.
Something massive could be changing about Twitter
The company has since brought in new rules to target online harassment.