Sick ‘joke’ apps allow users to ‘prank’ friends into thinking they are HIV positive

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Vile mobile apps have been released which allow users to “prank” friends and family into thinking they are HIV positive.

The apps, both available on the Google Play store, were both released in the past month, and are both categorised as ‘medical’ apps.


After ‘scanning’ the fingerprint, the apps then display a message such as: “1.4% HIV found, blood test needed”.

One, titled ‘HIV-AIDS Test prank’, includes a long description about real HIV tests, but the description ends with: “The simple effective way to find out if you have Hiv is by blood test, but with our fingerprint test you can prank your friends into making them believe that they actually have aids.”

The app includes a note underneath, reading: “This app is about fun and entertainment all results are fakes, please tell you friends and family the truth.”

A second app, ‘Finger Home HIV Test Prank’, appears to claim to be able to educate users about HIV symptoms.

However its description reads: “Finger At Home HIV Test Prank It’s an amazing joke app! Fingerprint free HIV testing prank will give you the best simplest way of finding out about HIV symptoms.

“This is essentially the most necessary application which happens to be Finger HIV and aids test app to get find out about HIV symptoms. Halt stop….! Aids test app prank is a prank application that’s designed to turn your family and friends fool to have amazing moment together. How delightfully APP was developed that any person will think it’s genuine.”


Both apps have a majority of five star ratings, the highest possible rating on Google Play.

Although it is not possible to get the exact number, the ‘HIV-AIDS Test prank’ has been downloaded between 10,000 and 50,000 times.

Other apps, also available through the Google Play store, include ‘New AIDS Detector Prank’, and another app from the developers of ‘HIV-AIDS Test prank’ also allows users to ‘prank’ their friends into thinking they have lung cancer.

PinkNews has reached out to Google for comment.