MAC makeup campaign features faces you might not expect

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A new makeup campaign hopes to celebrate difference and soul, using real people.

33-year-old Ben Dniprowskij from Melbourne is featured in the MACnificent ad campaign.


Speaking since the campaign, he said: “I am not a model, just a regular bloke who had enough balls to enter into something where they were asking for more than just a face.

“They wanted people with soul who have something to say. And I am here to represent all of the gay men, straight men and anyone else who feels that they can not be who they want to be.”

The six winners were selected from entrants, and won a trip to NYC to take part in the campaign.

They were asked to share their mantras.


The MACnificent site reads: “Being MACnificent means being creative, being confident, having fun and most of all, being true to yourself. You already do it every day. Now MAC wants you to show the world what your MACnificent Me is made of.”

They were all featured in the photoshoot.