Why are Britney Spears and Betty White being described as ‘dangerous’?

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Beware – Britney Spears and Betty White are two of the most dangerous people on the internet.

For the ninth year in a row, Intel Security has researched popular culture’s most famous people to reveal which of them generates the most dangerous search results.

Why are Britney Spears and Betty White being described as ‘dangerous’?

Dangerous: Betty White

This means that cybercriminals are frequently using the appeal of the Golden Girl, and the ‘Toxic’ star to lure in unsuspecting users.

Also on the list is X Factor’s Nick Grimshaw, rap star Jay Z and comedian Amy Schumer.

An expert with Intel said: “Celebrity names combined with the terms ‘free MP4,’ ‘HD downloads,’ or ‘torrent’ are some of the most searched terms on the Web. When consumers search for music that is not made available through legitimate channels, they put both their digital lives and devices at risk.”

Others featured in the list include former Spice Girl and style icon Victoria Beckham and actor Tom Hardy – who recently caused controversy be refusing to discuss his sexuality at a press conference.

Researchers say cybercriminals are always looking for ways to take advantage of consumer interest around popular culture events.


Beware when searching for Britney Spears videos

This includes talent shows – which would explain Grimshaw and his X Factor counterparts’ high ranking.

“The desire for consumers to have access to the latest celebrity gossip can often make them vulnerable to cybercrime,” said Nick Viney of Intel Security.

“Most consumers are unaware of the potential risks they are exposing themselves to by clicking on sites that provide them with the latest news and entertainment,” he added.

“But cybercriminals are quick to exploit this desire for breaking celebrity news.”

The full top 10 US list is below:

1. Armin van Buuren 17.92%

2. Luke Bryan 17.64%

3. Usher 16.67%

4. Britney Spears 16.39%

5. Jay Z 15.83%

6. Katy Perry 14.86%

7. Amy Schumer 14.72%

8. Betty White 14.03%

9. Lorde 13.61%

10. Nina Dobrev 13.19%