13 Reasons Why actress Tommy Dorfman announces secret marriage to her best friend: ‘It was perfect’

Tommy Dorfman recently surprised and delighted her fans by revealing that she secretly married her longtime girlfriend Elise “towards the end of last year.”

She made the announcement on Instagram on Thursday (2 May), and included a carousel of photos showing the radiant pair in their wedding dresses. “I married my best friend,” Tommy Dorfman wrote in the caption, adding “it was perfect.”

The couple met on the dating app Hinge in 2021, which Dorfman discussed in Vogue essay about their relationship also published on Thursday.

In July 2021, Tommy Dorfman came out and ‘reintroduced herself’ to the world as a ‘proud trans woman’. The actress, who is best known for playing Ryan Shaver on the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, opened up about her gender identity in a powerful interview with Detransition, Baby author Torrey Peters in TIME magazine.

She explained how the stillness of lockdown prompted her to begin her transition and live her truth as a trans woman

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    Tommy Dorfman and Elise announced their engagement in 2022, but at that time no one knew the identity of Dorfman’s fiancée.

    The 13 Reasons Why actress wrote in Vogue: “It took a handful of swipes left before I landed on a profile that caught my eye: Elise, a redhead with an affinity for ‘crisp glassware and well-organized bodegas’… and undeniably beautiful. Like John Singer Sargent portrait kind of beautiful.”

    “We got engaged two months into dating,” Tommy Dorfman goes on to explain in the essay, adding: “To our credit, we waited a full 12 months before moving in together, so you can’t say we U-Hauled (though one might argue taking in a Great Dane puppy at our six-month mark was a smidge irresponsible).”

    They got married in LA in complete secrecy, with Dorfman writing that the couple “ended the day at a concert without telling a soul what we’d done.”

    The Instagram/Vogue photos were actually taken after she and Elise returned to Brooklyn, where they held a reception with their friends and family, she explained.

    Congratulations to the happy couple!