Joe Biden: Homophobes still exist, and most of them are running for President

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US Vice President Joe Biden has taken a swipe at the Republican Presidential field in a speech to a gay rights group.

Biden, who has served as Obama’s VP for seven years and is thought to be weighing up a Democratic Presidential run, spoke to the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner.

Taking a swipe at the Republican’s huge Presidential field dominated by anti-gay candidates, he told HRC: “The American people are already with you. There’s homophobes still left… most of them are running for President, I think.”

He added: “There’s still those shrill voices in the national political arena, trying to undo what has already been done. But they’re not going to succeed. Don’t worry about it – no really.

“The American people have moved so far beyond them, and their appeals to prejudice and fear and homophobia.

“Because of how far you’ve moved the American people, the remainder of the work and how much work has to be done, I promise you, will come much more quickly and more surely. It will increase in its rapidity the change we need.”

Voicing his support for LGBT equality legislation that is stalled in the US Houses of Congress, he said: “I strongly support the equality act… and it will pass!

“It may not pass this Congress – but it will pass because it’s simple and it’s straightforward.”

His comments make light of the 15 Republicans in contention for the GOP Presidential nomination, with militantly anti-LGBT politicians Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz in contention.

President Obama recently also tore the Republican field apart.

“One of their leading candidates argued that going to prison turns you gay,” Obama said about Ben Carson, who made the outrageous claim earlier this year.

“Another candidate boasts that he introduced an amendment to end nationwide marriage equality – which isn’t even an accomplishment at all,” he said in reference to Ted Cruz – who was recently booed by the audience on a talk show, while attempting to discuss his opposition to equal marriage.
Joe Biden: Homophobes still exist, and most of them are running for President
However, Obama saved the majority of his mockery for arguably the most homophobic Republican of the all (which is clearly no mean feat) – Mike Huckabee.

“I’m sure he loves the Constitution – except for Article III,” he said about Huckabee – friend of Kim Davis, hater of gays – who last week claimed that the President isn’t really a Christian, after he let a gay Bishop attend today’s White House reception for the Pope.