God Hates Fags church accuses gays of making it rain

Westboro Baptist Church say the weather will change… and apparently it’s because of gays.

The anti-gay hate group, notorious for their aggressive homophobia and ‘God Hates Fags’ slogans, are well known for their protests and pickets at events including funerals and weddings.

God Hates Fags church accuses gays of making it rain

But this week they have turned their attention to the National Weather Service – one of America’s main bases for weather knowledge – for “stealing God’s glory” by predicting the weather.

In a bizarre news release, which claimed the people working at the centre were “weather reporting rebels”, they said:

“Westboro Baptist Church will picket the National Weather Service to remind them that ONLY by God’s mercy and power do you gather intelligence on His weather.”

The hate group did not stop with weather reporters though as they tried to clumsily tie this protest in with their broader campaign against LGBT people.

They went on to claim that the ‘weather rules’ would soon be gone because: “America crossed the Rubicon when, by force of law, [they] permitted same-sex marriage.”

God Hates Fags church accuses gays of making it rain

They ended their rant with their typically hate-filled assertion: “GOD HATES PROUD SINNERS! NO SAME-SEX MARRIAGE!”

Earlier this week, the WBC were forced to flee after trying to protest a transgender homecoming queen.

The WBC have previously picketed the funeral of Vice President Joe Biden’s son – and even threatened to picket the imaginary wedding of Dumbledore and Gandalf.

Earlier this year, a US pundit claimed that devastating floods in Texas were caused by gay people.

In the UK, UKIP last year sacked councillor David Silvester after he claimed flooding was God’s punishment for same-sex marriage – however, it refused to drop Parliamentary candidate Ted Strike when it emerged he had also blamed bad weather on homosexuality.