ISIS continues to target gays with brutal executions

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Terrorist group Islamic State, or ISIS, has continued to target those accused of being gay.

Warning – this article contains graphic images some may find distressing.

Reports out of Iraq suggest that four men accused of being gay were executed by ISIS.


One report suggests that two men were killed in Mosul, and another report says the other two were thrown to their deaths in Nineveh.

According to ARA News, the two men were thrown off a roof in Mosul, and had been accused of being a couple by ISIS.

“On Sunday afternoon, Daesh (ISIS) called on the people of Mosul to gather in the square of Bab al-Toub in order to witness the execution of the two allegedly men,” an eyewitness allegedly told ARA News.

“The victims were taken to the top of a building and were brutally thrown off the roof.”


The Twitter account for tweeted the pictures of the executions in Nineveh.


The reports have not been independently verified, but this is not the first time accounts of men accused of being gay being brutally killed by ISIS have come out.


Nine men and one young boy were last month executed by ISIS in Syria, accused of homosexuality.

Two gay men who fled Syria after living under ISIS spoke at the UN to tell of being gay under the regime.

Subhi Nahas and Adnan spoke at a historic meeting of the UN Security Council, which was the first of its kind to address LGBT issues.

Earlier this year, a video, shot in Palmyra, showed two Syrian men be thrown off a building before being stoned to death.

The terrorist group, which operates predominantly across Syria and Iraq, is notorious for filming videos in which captives – usually Westerners or opposing fighters – are brutally slaughtered.

It has also taken to executing men it claims are gay, by throwing them off of tall buildings and pelting them with rocks in IS-produced videos.

Members of the terrorist group, which has published a number of graphic videos featuring the murder of supposed gay men, holds power across parts of Iraq, Syria and Libya.