Trans man trapped in India by parents allowed to return home

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A trans man who has lived in the US since the age of three, will be allowed to return home.

A court ruled that Shivy, 18, should be allowed to return home to the US.

He said his parents took away his passport and visa, and tried to marry him off to a man.

The court ruled that the police should assist Shivy in returning home to the US.

The Delhi High Court instructed his parents to “stop harassing him”, and to return his documents to him.

Justice Siddharth Mridul said Shivy should “travel unaccompanied and will not be subjected to any harassment by the extended family upon arrival in the US”.

Speaking to the BBC, Shivy said his parents tried to “fix” him, taking him to Agra once they found out he had a girlfriend.

His mother has now returned his documents, and agreed to pay his tuition and air fare back to the US.

The Delhi High Court went on to say that the treatment of Shivy by his parents amounted to “bigotry”.

Last year, in a landmark ruling, India’s Supreme Court ruled that trans people should be recognised as a third gender.