Priest ‘understands paedophilia’ but thinks ‘homosexuality is unacceptable’

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The priest said he could ‘understand paedophilia’ but not homosexuality on live television

Don Gino Flaim said he could “understand paedophilia”, but is “not sure about homosexuality”.

Priest ‘understands paedophilia’ but thinks ‘homosexuality is unacceptable’

He further disgusted viewers by blaming the young victims of sexual predators for “seeking affection” from paedophiles.

“Unfortunately there are children who seek affection because they don’t receive it at home and I understand that some priests can give up,” he said.

“Paedophilia is a sin, and like all sins has to accepted, also.”

Although it seems he is not so forgiving of the LGBT community – claiming: “Homosexuality is a disease”.

The priest’s statements have caused outrage across Italy – with many calling for his expulsion from the church.

Eduardo Patriarca – from the centre-left Democratic Party – described them as “absurd” and that “paedophilia must never be justified”.

Priest ‘understands paedophilia’ but thinks ‘homosexuality is unacceptable’

However, Flaim’s comments are only the latest addition to a growing list of controversies to hit the Catholic Church this week – as a synod of Roman Catholic bishops gathered in Rome to discuss the church’s relationship and views on the “modern family”.

Last weekend, Polish priest Krzysztof Charamsa came out as gay – and was immediately fired from his position – whereas Flaim was merely suspended from his parish as the archdiocese investigates his views.

Pope Francis himself did little to lift the church’s homophobic reputation as he began the highly anticipated synod by confirming that he and the church continue to believe that marriage can only take place between a man and a woman.

He also insisted that the church cannot be “swayed by passing fads or popular opinion.”