This TV station tried to brag about all its female presenters… it backfired

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A TV station attempted to show how many female presenters it has in a positive way, but it kind of backfired.

France 3 produced an advert to highlight its large number of female presenters.


But the ad has caused widespread offence, by actually sending a pretty sexist message.

As it begins, the video pans across an empty kitchen with smoke coming from the oven, then a sleeping child under the duvet, unwoken, and an iron left on, burning the cloth and ironing board.

The suggestion behind the ad appears to be that all of the ‘women’s tasks’ are going unattended to because she is working.

The idea being that she is probably working at France 3.

Towards the end of the ad, the question is asked “where are all the women”.

France 3 tweeted the ad, alongside the line: “The majority of our hosts are female.”

“More different, more modern, more feminine. France 3 affirms its values through a new campaign that showcases our female hosts,” it continued.


Watch the ad below: