Will ‘Boy Meets Girl’ be back for a second series?

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The BBC is keen to make more of trans-based comedy series Boy Meets Girl, after the show wrapped up its first run this week.

The show revolves around the developing relationship between 40-year-old trans woman Judy, played by trans actress Rebecca Root, and 26-year-old Leo.

The show was first commissioned last year, following a talent search aiming to develop a show focussed on the trans community.

It has received a broadly positive reaction from critics and fans – with some criticising the stilted dialogue, while others praised the show’s diversity.

As the show’s first 6-episode run concludes, the BBC has revealed that talks are ongoing about a second series.

BBC2 controller Kim Shillinglaw told Radio Times: “We are actively talking to the team at Tiger Aspect and to [scriptwriter] Elliott [Kerrigan].

“We are actively talking to them about where Rebecca Root’s character could go next. I would love to see it happen. Definitely.

“It’s all about what’s the next stage in her journey. Where does she go next? What are the next set of challenges for Judy? We are exploring that together.”

She continued: “Boy Meets Girl ventured into territory that classic sitcom had never been in before in Britain.

“There’s something about comedy that doesn’t try too hard that feels authentic. Letting the audience find the comedy, rather than ramming it down their throat. Boy Meets Girl did that.

“The audience really loved the thing we loved about Boy Meets Girl. It’s incredible specific and yet really universal.”
Will ‘Boy Meets Girl’ be back for a second series?
The series was created by Trans Comedy Award winner Elliott Kerrigan along with Simon Carlyle and Andrew Mettam.

The show also stars Harry Hepple, Denise Welch of Waterloo Road, Janine Duvitski of Benidorm, Nigel Betts of Emmerdale, Lizzie Roper of Hollyoaks and Jonny Dixon of Coronation Street.