Billionaire Mitt Romney supporter backs same-sex marriage

Leading republican donor David Koch, has broken rank to say he supports same-sex marriage.

The billionaire industrialist, who is serving as a delegate to the Republican National Convention in New York, on Tuesday made the revelation.

Koch, who is steering millions of dollars to fund election campaigns for congressional Republicans and Mitt Romney, simply said: “I believe in gay marriage”.

Speaking to Politico, after speaking at a reception held in his honour by Americans for Prosperity, Koch said he disagreed with Romney on the subject.

When asked about his views on the fact that most Republicans oppose equal marriage, including Romney, he said: “Well, I disagree with that.”

Mitt Romney earlier this year announced that he will not run for President again in 2016.

The Republican politician previously ran for President in 2008 and 2012, but lost both times.

Mr Romney is strongly opposed to same-sex marriage.