Pope issues rare apology over gay priest ‘scandal’… kind of

The Pope has issued a rare apology for a number of scandals within the Vatican, after an official came out as gay.

The Catholic Church was rocked earlier this month when an official in the Vatican’s doctrine office came out as gay – and was promptly dismissed from his post.

There have also been a number of shocking insights to the Vatican this month – with one insider suggesting that a large number of priests are gay, while a second report shed light on the Church’s in-house ‘gay cure’ clinic for priests.

Speaking to crowds in Saint Peter’s Square this week, Pope Francis desperately attempted to carry out damage limitation.

He said: “I want, in the name of the Church, to ask forgiveness for the scandals which have recently hit Rome and the Vatican. I ask you for forgiveness.

“It is inevitable that scandals happen, but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!”

The Pope has also been personally embroiled in another controversy, as the Vatican seeks to play down a meeting between him and anti-gay clerk Kim Davis.

Davis accused the Vatican press office of spreading lies, after Vatican sources close to the Pope claimed she met him during a routine meet-and-greet, and did not have a private audience.