Sir Elton’s husband David Furnish says Vladimir Putin is ‘lovely’

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Sir Elton John’s husband David Furnish has described Russian President Vladimir Putin as “lovely”.

The producer said his husband Sir Elton has spoken to Putin on the phone, and that the pair will meet in person.

This follows a prank phone call, the recording of which went viral, during which the ‘Rocketman’ singer was duped into believing he was talking to the Russian President.

Sir Elton’s husband David Furnish says Vladimir Putin is ‘lovely’

Speaking to the Mirror, Furnish said: “Putin is lovely. He and Elton spoke on the phone and the Kremlin have confirmed that.

“Now they’re trying to get a date in the diary to talk face to face.”

The veteran singer, who has a large following in Russia, last month fell victim to a hoax after he asked President Putin to meet with him to discuss his country’s ‘gay propaganda’ law and persecution of LGBT people.

Sir Elton later claimed he had spoken on the phone to Putin – but after denials from the Kremlin, it emerged the call was a hoax masterminded by Russian TV pranksters.

Following the incident, the Kremlin has since confirmed that Vladimir Putin has spoken with the singer for real – and invited him to a genuine meeting.