One Muslim told this gay radio host he should die – another responded amazingly

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When a Muslim woman called up this radio host, he probably didn’t expect to be told he deserves to die for being gay.

But what happened next stunned him.

LBC’s Iain Dale took a call from the woman, Zainab, a 22-year-old, who said gay people were an “abomination”.

Iain Dale1

She asked: “Why do you think there’s paedophiles out there? Both of them are disgusting acts?”

Dale said Zainab had been brainwashed into holding “disgusting views”.

Going on, however, it got worse. The caller said gay people deserve to die for their sexual orientations.

“My religion is very clear what happens to gay people…the punishment is the death penalty.”

But what happened next left Dale speechless.

Sohail, one of a group of Muslims who have erected a stall outside London’s Whitechapel tube station, to spread the word of acceptance of gay people in Islam.

He said Zainab was misguided but that he had previously prayed to be turned straight.

“Throughout my entire life, I believe that because I had these feelings, I was someone evil…I was demonic.

“I prayed every day, I begged Allah to turn me straight,” he said.

Listen below: