US: Muslim caller tells TV host gay Americans should be beheaded

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The host of a phone-in programme in New York was left stunned after a caller suggested gay Americans should be beheaded in accordance with Sharia law.

Identifying himself as Chris, from Willowbrook, New York, he said: “I’m Muslim and I believe 110 percent in Sharia law, Sharia law needs to be implemented in the United States because that’s the only way this deviant lifestyle will be corrected.”

He added: “You know what happens in Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries to the gay people, correct? They are beheaded, and I’m going to fight as hard as I can with all of my brothers and sisters to make Sharia law in the United States. This is a sin!”

The Huffington Post notes that the incident coincides with reports that a conservative group is looking to install anti-Muslim posters in local railway stations throughout New York.