New Kentucky governor will change marriage laws to help Kim Davis

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The new Governor-elect of Kentucky is a big fan of Kim Davis… and he’s already promised to re-write the state’s marriage laws for her.

Rowan County clerk Kim Davis was briefly jailed earlier this year after she directly defied court orders by blocking marriage licenses for same-sex couples.

Davis, who has since become a darling of the anti-LGBT movement, has since allowed her office to issue licenses to gay couples – but only altered licenses that do not bear her name.

Some have raised questions about the validity of marriage licenses without a clerk’s direct authorisation – but Kentucky’s new governor has announced he will move to appease Davis.

Republican governor-elect Matt Bevin, who resoundingly beat Democratic candidate Jack Conway in the state’s gubernatorial election this week, said one of his first changes once he takes office will be to reform the law for Davis.

Bevin, a strong supporter of Davis, said he would help her out by stripping the names of all clerks off of marriage licenses.

He said: “One thing I will take care of right away, we will remove the names of county clerks from the marriage forms. That is going to be done.

“The argument that that can not be done is baloney.

“This is one way that we will remove something from the landscape that, frankly, doesn’t even need to be there.”

Davis herself has already removed her name from licenses – adding text which instead claim the licenses are ‘pursuant to federal court order’.