There is something pretty special about Canada’s new Government

Incoming Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has done something pretty special when appointing his new Cabinet.

After being sworn in on Wednesday, Trudeau appointed the Cabinet, which is made up of a totally gender-equal team.

50% of those appointed to Cabinet positions are women.


The self-proclaimed feminist made the promise to appoint a gender-equal Cabinet in his campaign.

The 43-year-old defeated incumbent Conservative Stephen Harper last month.

In appointing a gender-equal Cabinet, Trudeau’s team boasts twice the number of women as its US equivalent.

It means Canada jumps from around the 20th spot in the world rankins of gender equality in governments to 3rd.

Canada is beaten by Finland, which has 10 women appointed to its Cabinet of 16, and Sweden, which has 52.9% women in its Cabinet.

Canada is now joint 3rd in the rankings alongside France and the European principality of Liechtenstein.

Despite women only making up a third of the UK’s Cabinet, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s Cabinet is gender equal.

In contrast, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have no women in their political Cabinets.

The Cabinet includes Jody Wilson-Raybould, appointed justice minister and attorney general, Jane Philpott, the new health minister, and environment and climate change minister, Catherine McKenna.

When asked why he appointed a gender-equal Cabinet, Trudeau simply replied: “Because it’s 2015.”