Newsnight’s Evan Davis: I’ve left it too late to have kids

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Television presenter Evan Davis has said he thinks he has left it too late to become a father.

Davis, who presents Newsnight, told the Daily Mail’s Sebastian Shakespeare, that he think he and partner Guillaume Baltz, who met in 2002, are too old to star a family.

The 53-year-olds said: “We’re probably too old to think about children — maybe 20 years ago, if we were younger, it would be different.

“There’s much more around in terms of gay parenting now than there was when I was about 35, but what can we do now?”

Adding that the couple are happy with their dog Mr Whippy, Davis said: “I don’t tend to think of him as a child substitute, but we always say to each other, ‘Is he a child substitute?’ and people joke about it.

“I love my dog like I’m sure parents love kids, but it feels like a slightly different field.

“We’re very aware he’s not a child. We do refer to ourselves as daddy but that’s about it. He’s never going to talk; he’s always going to stay at the mental age of two. But he’s so lovely.”